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How to change app icons on Android?

One of the most important factors affecting the popularity of the Android platform is a wide customization option, but the standard set of features does not always allow the user to be fully satisfied for example, to replace an icon will have to use another means.

The easiest way to change the icon is to use specialized applications called Launchers, it’s a sort of shell that is responsible for the graphic style of the device, as well as the work of tables and various widgets.

How to change the icons using the launcher

The change of icons is implemented almost in all the launchers, you just need to choose the one you like, and the assortment is simply huge. The process of changing icons may differ in different applications, but in general, the algorithm is always very similar.

First, you need to decide whether you want to use the standard set of icons provided by the launcher, or download additional packages, which are also a huge amount.
Next, go to the “Settings” – “Applications” menu, then select “Icons” or “Personalization”, on different devices this line may differ, and select the required package.
You can go the other way, to start choosing a package and then in the menu launcher “Set icons”.

Replacement of icons with the help of special software
There are also situations when the stock launcher suits you, but the pre-installed icons are already fed up, in which case you can use the application called Beautiful Icon Styler, with which you can change the images without installing the custom launcher.
After opening the application, we will see the main menu in which you need to press the “Start” key, then select the launcher in which we are going to replace the icons and with the help of the says we turn pages with paid and free packages of icons:

It’s worth mentioning at this moment, that the application itself is distributed free of charge, but in free mode, there are only three downloads, for further work Beautiful Icon Styler will have to pay, though the price of the program is quite affordable.
Replacement of icons with the rights of “Superuser”
For those who have ROOT rights on the device, it is possible to use the Xposed Framework program and an additional module to it, Unicon. Install the program and run it, then follow the path “Modules”, then “Unicon” and use it to change the icons.

It is worth remembering that such methods are always combined with risk and if you are not an experienced user, it is better to take advantage of the capabilities of launchers.


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